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The Maltese Coat

The Maltese coat is easy to care for needing only daily brushing to keep it in top condition. The dogs have three coats in their lifetime: a puppy coat, which they keep until about 1 year of age, a young adult coat and then a mature coat.

The coat needs to be brushed completely to the skin with a wire pin brush (no balls on the tips of the pins) in which the pins are set in rubber. First, spray the coat with a leave-in detangler or distilled water. Brush through the coat thoroughly, then comb with a metal comb, paying special attention to the feet, under the legs and behind the ears. Washing around the eyes daily will help keep dark stains from forming.

The coat must be thoroughly groomed, with all mats removed, before bathing. Mats that become wet and then dry can never be combed out without damaging the coat. Bathe with a mild soap and rinse well. Remove as much water as possible with towels, and then blow dry, brushing the coat until the coat is completely dry. Snarls can be removed while the coat is wet that can never be gotten out after it dries. Cornmeal rubbed into the coat and brushed out completely will help clean between baths.

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