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CH. Divine's Just For Keeps ROMX

CH. Laureal's Divine Design

CH. Divine's Light From Malt Angel

CH. Divine's Bright Morning Star

Grand CH. Divine's Work Of Art

CH. Delcost Loui By Marc


CH. Divine's I Love To Be The Star

CH. Divine's All Jazzed Up

CH. Divine's I'm Just Fabulous

Ch. Divine's Flippant Remarc

Ch. Divine's Frita Bandita

CH. Divine's A Little Sumptin Sumptin

CH. Divine's Stylish Tradition

CH. Divine's Mustang Sally

CH. Malt Angel's Whitecliff Maranthana

CH. Divine's Special Lady

Grand CH. Divine's I'm Here For The Party



CH. Divine's Nuttin But Remarcable (D)

CH. Divine's Heavenly Moment (D)

CH. Divine's A Moment To Remember (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Allusion (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Cajun Creation ROM (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Amore' (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Southern Gent (D)

CH. Divine's Mystique Masterpiece (D)

CH Divine's Blaze of Victory (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Rumor Has It ROM (D)

CH. Coquet's Divine Intervention (D)

CH Divine's Indecent Exposure (D)

CH Rhapsody's Divine Bleu Angel ROM (D)

CH Divine's Indecent He's A Pepper (D)

CH Divine's Breeze A Malta's Angel (D)

CH. Divine's Knight In White Satin (D)

BIS BISS CH.Divine's Indecent Desperado (D)

CH Divine's Indecent Devotion (D)

CH Divine's Indecent Outlaw (D)

CH. Divine's Message for Malt Angel (D)

CH. Divine's Indecent Southern Scoundrel (D)

CH Divine's Phantasy License To Kill (D)

CH. Divine's Secret Agent Phantasy (D)

CH. Divine's Malt Angel's California Girl (B)

BISS Am Can. CH. Divine's You Are My Shining Star (B)

CH Divine's Magnificent Thrills (B)

CH. Divine's Show Me The Moment (B)

CH. Divine's Heavenly Veranda Angel (B)

CH Divine's Risque' Blessing (B)

CH Marcris Divine Risque' Sunstar (B)

CH Divine's Risque' Heaven (B)

CH Divine's Indecently Happy (B)

CH Divine's Shameless Rumor (B)

CH Divine's Indecently Marcris (B)

CH Divine's Beam of Sunlight (B)

CH Divine's Holy Tiara (B)

CH Divine's Celestial Breeze (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Affection (B)

CH Hi-Lite's Anastasia's A Showoff (B)

CH Rio Vista's Indecent Delight (B)

CH. Divine's Note Of The Moment (D)

CH Divine's Indecent Addition (B)

CH Divine's Heavens Too Betsy (B)

CH Divine's Pip Squeak (B)

CH Divine's Rumored Mystique (B)

CH Divine's Little Annie Coquet (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Scandal (B)

CH Divine's Indecently Sweet (B)

CH Divine's Delightfully Indecent (B)

CH Divine's She's My Peggy Sue (B)

CH Divine's Sunset At Hi-Lite (B)

CH Divine's Friends To The End (B)


BIS BISS AM CAN. CH. Divine's Marc Of Friendship(D)

BIS BISS CH Rhapsody's Indecent Mystery (D)

CH. Divine's Designed Tough (D)

CH Divine's Royale Flush (D)

BIS CH. Divine's Shimmering Star (D)

CH. Divine's Magical Miss Kate (B)

CH. Divine's Missy's Magic Button (B)

CH Divine's Little LuLu I Love You (B)

BIS BISS CH. Divine's Indecent Cajun Storm (D)

CH. Divine's Gift Of Friendship (D)

CH. Divine's I'm A Phantasy (D)

BIS BISS Am Ital International CH. Divine's Dare To Believe (D)

CH. Divine's Double The Trouble (B)

CH. Divine's Glamour Queen (B)


CH. Marcris Indecent Proposal ROMX (D)

CH. Divine Magic Memory Of Didley (D)

CH. Divine's Phantasy Gem (D)

CH Rio Vista Beignet Royale (D)

CH. Signatures Especially Divine (D)

CH Divine's Dangerous Thrills (D)

BIS CAN. BISS AMCH. Divine's Risque' Moment ROM (B)

CH Marcris Divinely Risque' ROM/ROMX (B)

CH Divine's Phantasy Doll (B)

CH Divine's Fabulous Phantasy (B)

CH Divine's Nuttin But A Phantasy(B)

CH. Divine's Just For The Thrill Of It (B)

CH. Rhapsody's Thrill A Minute (B)

Ch. Divine Dreams Of A Rose Blossom (B)

CH Divine Dreams Of Veranda Blossom's (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Friendship Gift (B)

CH Divine's Heavenly Breeze ROM(B)

CH Divine's I Love Lucy (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Gossip (B)

CH Divine's Especially Naughty (B)

CH Lepetit's Heavenly Seraphim ROM (B)

CH Erinlee Clearly Crystal (B)

CH Pashes Buttons And Beaus (B)

CH Rhapsody's Indecent Playmate (B)

CH Rhapsody's White Pepper ROM (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Imagination ROM (B)

CH Divine's Mysterious Luv-N-Kisses ROM (B)

CH Hi-Lite's Divine Savannah (B)

CH Divine's Good Golly Miss Molly ROM (B)

CH Divine's I'm Somebunny Special (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Attraction (B)

CH Divine's Best Of Friends (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Cajun Delight (B)

CH Divine's Risque' Doll ROM (B)

CH Divine's Indecent Cajun Queen (B)

CH Hilite's Cindyrella Sunshine (B)

CH Malt Angels His Eternal Love (B)

CH Richelieu's Divine Surprise (B)

CH Divine's Saving All My Love For Sue (B)

CH Malt Angels Divine Bouquet (B)


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