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The Maltese
by Dr. Alfred W. Meyer

The Maltese is not commonly seen today, but is probably one of the oldest of the breeds. It is often erroneously referred to as the Maltese terrier, but this is a faulty designation since it is not a terrier.

By reason of its history and characteristics it belongs in the toy dog group, but this need not necessarily imply all the restrictions that many place on it. The Maltese is usually thought of in terms of plush cushions and over-indulgence, however, the size of this diminutive fellow, with his silken body, is filled with spunky determination plainly in inverse ration to his size. We can well wonder at the spirit contained in this tiny creature. He should be completely covered by a cloak of long silky hair parted at the top and extending on both sides of the body to the ground. The carriage of the tail causes it to curl on the hindquarters in the manner of a plume and is exactly the type of tail one would expect in this alert and upstanding little dog.

The Maltese is fearless and will express his feelings in a positive fashion particularly at an intrusion of his domain and this is exactly what his home amounts to. He is intelligent, keen and very much the individualist and his personality does not permit indiscriminate ownership. He is responsive to his environment in a marked degree and sufficient understanding on the part of his owner makes for a most satisfactory association.

The Maltese is thought to be a descendent of the toy dog of a civilization that preceded the Christian era. It is reasonable to suppose that the traits of the breed endeared it to the hearts of the ladies of that ancient period much as we find it does today. The island of Malta is thought to be the birthplace of the breed.

The color is always pure white and the only contracting color is furnished by the dark eyes and black nose. In the care of the Maltese considerable attention must be given to the coat to prevent snarling and keep the animal looking its best. The color and kind of coat are supposed to retard the breedís popularity, but I believe those who appreciate the dogís qualities will not regard the grooming of a pet a bother.

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