Ch. Malt Angel's Divine Boquet
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
BIS Ch. White Field Here Comes Trouble Ch. Richelieu's All Fired Up Ch. Richelieu's Top Gunn Ch. Le Aries J R's Revenge
Marcris Cherries Jubilee
Ch. Richelieu's Some Like It Hot Ch. Richelieu's Wee Jee Weejus
Le Aries Sassy Keri
Maison Bellatrix Alba's Bright Bem Bem  
Ava Do Brazao Real  
Ch. Malt Angel's I Will ReJoyce CH Divine's Magic Memory Of Didley ROm Ch. Pashes Beau Didley ROM Ch. Pashes Moonlight Beau ROM
Ch. Pashes Lily Of The Valley ROM
Ch. Marcris Divinely Risque'  ROM Ch. Marcris Risque' Buisness ROMX
Ch. Hi-Lites's Heather's A Showoff ROM
Ch Chamber Ln A Lil Bit O'Trouble Ch. Chamber Ln Here Comes Trouble Tennessa's Sharper Image
Just A Stephanie Bear
Chamber Ln Walkinon Sunshin Keoli Tora Just Toying Around
Wesglyn Hadacal Hattie