Ch. Divine's Nuttin But A Phantasy
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents  
BIS BISS CH. Pashes Dream Phantasy ROM Ch. Pashes Keeper Of The Dream ROMX  Ch. Marcris Risque' Perfection Ch. Marcris Risque Buinsess ROMX
Ch. Marcris Guardian Angel
Ch. Pashes Dream Come True Ch. Pashes Moonlight Dream
Pashes Diamond Tiara
Pashes Magic Illusions  Ch. Pashes Beau Didley ROM Ch. Pashes Moonlight Beau ROM
Ch. Pashes Lily Of The Valley ROM
 Pashes Sunny Delight  Pashes Pete Rose
 Pashes Sun Burst
Ch. Divine's Risque" Doll ROM Ch. Marcris Risque' Buinsess ROMX Marcris Marshmallow Prism CH Marcris Marshmallow ROM
Marcris Honey of Naysmith
Petals Lily In The Snow CH Marcris Love ROM
Marcris Melody of Elkins
Hi-Lite Sunshine Bleu ROM CH Su-Le's Cordon Bleu ROM, CH To The Victor of Eng,
Su-Le Minivet ROM
CH Hi-Lite Marti's A Showoff ROM, Am/Can CH Marcris Marshmallow Showoff ROM
CH Dil-Dal's Tutee White Fanci ROM