CH Divine's Indecent Gossip
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
CH Marcris Indecent Proposal ROMX CH Marcris Risque' Business ROMX   Marcris Marshmallow Prim CH Marcris Marshmallow ROM
Marcris Honey of Naysmith
Petals Lily In The Snow CH Marcris Love ROM
Marcris Melody of Elkins
CH Marcris Melissa ROM  CH Su-Le's Cordon Bleu ROM CH To The Victor of Eng  
Su-Le Minivet ROM
CH Ju-Le First Noel ROM C & M Fame of Madonna
CH Hi-Lite Showoff For Jul-Le ROM
CH Hi-Lite Heather's A Showoff ROM Am/Can CH Marcris Marshmallow Showoff ROM CH Marcris Marshmallow ROM, 05   CH Revlo Sir of Batoche
CH Marcris Amanda of Cariel
Marcris She's A Pushover ROM   CH San Su Kee Showoff
Gulfstream She Shamey Marie
Can CH Dil-Dal's Tutee Pina Colada ROM Myi Bit of Glory BIS CH Salteer Glory Seeke
CH Shokase Tutees Bel Air Tessa
Tutee's Primrose Priscilla,   BIS CH Couer-De-Lion
Tutee's Tiny Kathy O'Dillon,